Strategic BizDev and Marketing Services

Our goal is to help technology companies successfully present their software products and services to their end users and business partners. 


  • Website Audit and Competitor Analysis
  • Traffic and Conversion Optimization
  • SEO Strategy
  • Content Strategy
  • SMM Strategy
  • PR Strategy
  • Video Content Strategy

With a wide range of experience in software product strategy, B2B and B2C business development, PR, and marketing within and for technology companies, we know which components to mix in order to create the best market strategy for your business. And should you need help with implementation, we have an A-team of experts supported by a wide network of partners on call.


  • Content Management and Copywriting
  • SEO Management
  • Analytics tools setup
  • PPC and Remarketing
  • SMM Management
  • Pitching
  • Script Writing and Video Production

Our Process

Our process follows one simple principle: Analysis First. As we’re consulting on a strategic level, we need to understand your business goals, sales and marketing funnel, validate your target audience and much, much more. Be ready to go with us into the deep dive into unique market value that your company offers, and maybe even to re-evaluate your offer along the way. We can promise it will be all worth it in the end.


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The current marketplace is extremely fast-paced, especially so in the sphere of software technology. The IT companies move at a break-neck speed trying to catch up to the competition worldwide. But, with the Big Data right at our fingertips and a multitude of analytics tools crunching numbers for us every second of every day, wouldn’t it be better to predict the trends, rather than follow them? Our model of Predictive Marketing born on the cross roads of market analysis and technological expertise is specifically designed with proactive demand generation strategy in mind.


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